There is an interesting rule of thumb in our industry that the average life cycle of a custom software solution is around 7 years. After 7 years they tend to become outdated for three reasons;

  1. the client’s operations evolve
  2. the client’s staff line up rolls over
  3. technology evolves creating new requirements and new opportunities

Common practise is to go out and find something ‘new’ but a FileMaker-based solution offers a unique alternative; you can retain your existing data and advantages of your existing solution and incorporate the latest in technology to suit your needs by redeveloping what you have got.

Over the past year we have upgraded four legacy solutions. These have varied from mild updates to comprehensive rebuilds to meet dramatically different requirements. In every case, the client had done their homework and was satisfied that this was the most cost-effective way forward.

If you are considering investing in a new software solution, please talk to us first. It could be the best call you make this year.