The Dust Has Settled, But…

Late last year, we had a not-too-minor kerfuffle with the release of Apple’s OS X 10.11 “El Capitan” which didn’t really work with FileMaker Pro V14. FileMaker have since released the 14.0.4 patch which addresses that issue. However, those of you using FileMaker Pro V12 and V13 need to know that these earlier versions are […]

New Cloud Hosting Services

We are proud to announce our new range of cloud server solutions. We are focussing exclusively on dedicated servers which offer; Better security More capacity: disk space and bandwidth Built-in off-site backups Greater scalability Better Reliability You can check out all the details here.

Job Well Done!

Blenheim is the centre of the Marlborough wine region. There are several companies providing man-power services to the vineyards and they have unique requirements based on needing to collect data out in the field and the complex statutory requirements around RSE workers. This is the second project we’ve done in this market and that expertise […]

Important Update

FileMaker have recently released a 14.0.4 patch for all FileMaker 14 products. If you are hosting FileMaker 14 remotely, it is critical that you update both clients and hosts to benefit from important security and product issue fixes. We will be in touch shortly but do not hesitate to call if you have any concerns […]

Feel the Love

We’ve been working with FileMaker V14 for a couple of months now, and on the whole, we are absolutely LOVING it. We’ve converted or started all the current projects to V14 and are really noticing the difference when we have to go back to V13 for previous solutions. There are three primary stand-outs; the new […]

So Long Excel!

Alright, Excel isn’t actually being retired on anything like that. It remains a great tool and of immense use to accountants etc. But… all our new projects this year share one common characteristic; they are migrations from Excel-based business solutions. In each case, the client had a very fully developed Excel sheet but had got […]

Interesting Anecdote

When FileMaker did their pre-release roadshow recently, they brought their Director – Engineering down from the USA to address the natives. He has a long career in database engineering, coming to FileMaker from Oracle. He reckoned what convinced him to jump from the titan of databases to a relative minnow was FileMaker’s Draco database engine. […]

Go to Xero Demo

There is a basic perception problem with Xero custom Add-Ons. People just can’t believe that ‘custom’ software and ‘easy’ go together. To get around this, we’ve developed the Go to Xero Demo App. This is a cloud-hosted FileMaker solution optimised for FileMaker Go 13 for iPad. It is designed to show just how easy it […]

Xero Compromises

We’ve been approached several times lately by people wanting to make the switch to Xero but are unable to move off a non-Xero-compatible favorite application – maybe a CRM or ERP system. Can we help? Yes we can! Providing the favorite application can perform a fairly basic data export, we can build a desktop utility […]