FileMaker Pricing – HALLELUJAH!

Not before time, FileMaker have revised their pricing plans. FileMaker Licensing for Teams (FLT) is gone. Legacy licenses have all gone. You can increase your licenses in increments of 1 not 5. There are now three simple strands; Users, Concurrent Users and Site. The prices have risen* but more importantly, the dividing lines between the […]

Recycling Software

There is an interesting rule of thumb in our industry that the average life cycle of a custom software solution is around 7 years. After 7 years they tend to become outdated for three reasons; the client’s operations evolve the client’s staff line up rolls over technology evolves creating new requirements and new opportunities Common […]

FileMaker 17 Highlights

FileMaker have just released FileMaker 17. There are heaps of productivity improvements for us as developers, more security and enhanced performance for delivering solutions that use large data-sets via the web, and increased support for interacting with other applications. All this goes to ensuring that FileMaker stays the platform of choice for custom app development. […]

FileMaker 15 Update – Important!

FileMaker Pro 15.0.4 and FileMaker Pro 15.0.4 Advanced now available ===================================================== FileMaker, Inc. has released FileMaker Pro 15.0.4 and FileMaker Pro 15.0.4 Advanced. This update addresses an issue related to the temporary cache. To download this update, visit the in-product Help menu and select Check for Updates. Or visit: ===================================================== Comment: It is unusual […]

Ransomware Security

he recent “ransomware” (May 11th) is worth noting. This attacked a vulnerability that affected various Windows operating systems including their Server products. Virtually all FileMaker ‘cloud’ servers run on Windows servers so the exposure was potentially huge. However, Microsoft had in fact released a patch two months earlier (March 14th) and so only those machines […]

To Fibre or Not To Fibre

Not everyone is convinced of the benefits of moving to Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) or ‘fibre’. Not us, it finally became available in our location in early April and we were running by the end of the month. If you are running any sort of cloud application (like Xero) at all, you will notice an […]

A New Employee

This isn’t exactly new news but Derek Walker joined us back in February and is already a valued member of the team. Hailing from South Africa, Derek has a background in FileMaker development as well as more general IT and web skills. He is not far off Matthew’s age although he looks a lot younger […]

FileMaker 16 Brief

Principal Benefits More support for connectivity: JSON and enhanced cURL makes it easier to integrate with other cloud apps like Mail Chimp PDF support on the Server and WebDirect (might sound like trainspotting but this solves a lot of workarounds on bigger projects) 500% increase in capacity for WebDirect; now certified for up to 500 […]

Cloud Control

In the past five years, the ‘cloud’ has revolutionised our business. We provide cloud-hosting for over half our new projects and do virtually all development and support remotely (which is a real blessing in Auckland!). But the ‘cloud’ is not without it’s quirks and the main one is performance. Since there are so many more […]