Its A Celebration

Some of you are already familiar with David, our resident South African. Well, David has just passed his FileMaker 11 certification exam and is the first person in the company to do so. Congratulations David, this is a significant step in your career. David’s next course: “Remedial coffee-making 101”

Security Matters

A recent survey¬†found that Kiwis take data security extremely seriously and 80% would stop dealing with an organisation that had security breaches. So how secure is your data? A FileMaker solution can be made extremely secure as required; Individual name and password for all users and the ability to track what they do. Incredibly granular […]

It’ll Never Happen

Shortly after the last newsletter went out, our production hosting servers will subjected to a denial of service attack eminating from the United States. Apparently it wasn’t strictly aimed at us but at the host we use. Nonetheless, we suffered a significant degradation of service for a short period. The good news is that our […]