We are just finishing off a project that includes a two-in-one mobile app. It was originally specified to work on Windows 10 tablets but when we did the first demo of the app, it was agreed that the Windows tablet was mis-specified being too big and heavy for the intended deployment. So what were the alternatives? iPad or Android.

FileMaker doesn’t work on Android and there is no comparable rapid development environment for Android so redeveloping the app for Android devices (in code) was ruled out on cost.

FileMaker does work beautifully on iPads and so we were able to transport the app to the iPad platform for very little cost and add some iOS-only extra features to enhance it’s ease-of-use.

In addition, the iPads were about 1/2 the cost of the Windows tablets. Given a tough working environment with a predicted life-expectancy of 12-18 months; this will give a significant saving in operating costs.

Then Apple further dropped the price with the new iPad a few weeks ago. A basic iPad, suitable for a synchronised app as above starts at $329. That price point combined with FileMaker’s rapid and cost effective development environment means that there is little or no case for developing a custom-written business app for Android.

iOS and FileMaker will be more cost effective.