Maybe your “dream solution” has several requirements;

  1. You have defined some unique processes and/or data capture requirements
  2. You want some people (maybe suppliers,  subcontractors, clients or even remote staff) to have some access via the web
  3. It will need to share data with a custom mobile App and that App needs to be usable anytime anywhere whether it is connected to the internet or not
  4. It will need to be cloud-hosted because you want to out-source support for it and you need it to be available anywhere without compromising your own office’s security
  5. It will need to work on PCs and Macs

Technically, these are very different requirements and require using a lot of different technologies. There is only one platform where these technologies are drawn together in one cohesive whole: FileMaker.

What does this mean to you?

  1. Development times and costs are going to be substantially shorter and cheaper than any other platform
  2. On going support and future modifications are also going to be much easier to achieve

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