FileMaker™ is the best rapid development database environment in the world. Its class leading set of WYSIWYG development tools enable us to deliver a superior solutions at a highly competitive total cost of ownership. For many of our clients that makes their project affordable and not simply a dream.

The rapid development cycle also means that future modifications and enhancements can be delivered in a prompt and cost-effective manner ensuring that solutions have a longer life cycle as the needs of the organization evolve.

FileMaker is fully cross-platform which enables us to deliver solutions that work seamlessly and concurrently on Windows, Mac and the Web. Current versions offer a REST-based data API offering enhanced support for integrating to other platforms e.g. cloud-based apps.

If that isn’t enough, the FileMaker Go product line also lets us deploy solutions on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch. FileMaker Go takes care of all the complex back-end work and lets us focus on delivering really superior solutions including synchronised Apps for those remote locations where there is no broadband.

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