Not before time, FileMaker have revised their pricing plans. FileMaker Licensing for Teams (FLT) is gone. Legacy licenses have all gone. You can increase your licenses in increments of 1 not 5.

There are now three simple strands; Users, Concurrent Users and Site. The prices have risen* but more importantly, the dividing lines between the three have changed against previous structures. So when the time comes to renew your FileMaker licenses, give us a call and we can check that you are on the plan that best suits your needs.

*Nobody likes being charged more but we were thinking about this and in real terms it looks like this;

back in the day (1996-2002) a typical 5 x FileMaker Pro  and a server pack cost around $3600 from memory. The upgrades cost around $1200 every 18 months. So the total license cost over a seven year life cycle was $8400.

Now, a similar license costs $1320 per year or $9240 over seven years. Allowing for inflation, it is actually cheaper than it has ever been. What you get for your money is vastly more sophisticated and capable. Each of your 5 users can access your FileMaker served solution from their iPhone, iPad or desktop computer or if they insist on using Android, the web. And 5 users is about the worst case scenario, there are still volume discounts and education/NFP prices.