If there is one word that characterises the software world, it would be ‘change’. ‘Change’ doesn’t just mean the evolving technologies but also the effect they gave on our lives and how we then change our use of them. FileMaker has been doing some navel-gazing about this and where they fit in to the scheme of things and have come up with a new definition: Workplace Innovation Platform.

It is an interesting read/watch if you are in to this sort of thing andthe key take-outs are;

  • The world is clamouring for ‘apps’, particularly mobile apps.
  • Convergence: increasingly technologies are developing the ability to interact (relatively) seamlessly.
  • No-Code, Low-Code, Pro-Code. FileMaker’s out of the box scalability is intended to range not just from small to big, but also from simple to complex.
    So end-users can have a crack at developing their own apps which can then be scaled up as required.