FileMaker have just released FileMaker 17. There are heaps of productivity improvements for us as developers, more security and enhanced performance for delivering solutions that use large data-sets via the web, and increased support for interacting with other applications. All this goes to ensuring that FileMaker stays the platform of choice for custom app development.

But what about the client-facing benefits that we can talk to you about. Well;

  • Emails can now have multiple attachments. It’s been a long time coming but this saves the time, complexity and expense of third party plugins.
  • There is a cool little utility that enables us to easily provide a ‘mini-list’ of the current record set within the data entry screen. This makes between-record navigation much easier and contemporary.
  • Get Sensor. We are predicting this will be the big one. It’s limited to iOS (iPhone & iPad) but we can now record a wide range of data available on the device from battery charge to location to speed to step & floor count. This has all sorts of opportunities for adding value to an app;
    • ‘Geo-fence’ the apps behaviour: when your road warriors arrive at a site, we can ensure they only see the specific data they need to; saving time and improving accuracy.
    • Supply statistics to show much exercise your people are actually getting and where they actually were when they were using the app…
    • Close the app down when the battery is nearly empty to prevent potential damage.