Foundation Data announces the immediate availability of the F2X Pro plugin for use with the Xero™, the ‘beautiful’ cloud accounting app. The F2X Pro plugin enables you to easily exchange data between a FileMaker Pro solution and a Xero account.

Xero is taking the accounting world by storm and already has an extensive eco-system of Add-Ons in the cloud. F2X Pro provides the FileMaker community with a way to join this exciting new market by updating existing solutions, developing new desktop solutions or ‘FileMaker-in-the-cloud” hosted solutions.

Xero provides an API but it is sufficiently involved to not really be an economic option for a single integration project.

F2X Pro smoothes the development path right out saving you time and headaches and your clients money.

Key Features:

You can push or pull data from ‘most’ of the end-points in Xero. We were going to say ‘all’, but they keep on adding more… This also depends on your Xero region and plan.

We’ve got the principle ones covered and this includes;

  • Accounts
  • BankTransactions
  • BankTransfers
  • BrandingThemes
  • Contacts
  • CreditNotes
  • Currencies
  • Employees
  • ExpenseClaims
  • Invoices
  • Items
  • Journals
  • Manual Journals
  • Organisations
  • Payments
  • Receipts
  • TaxRates
  • TrackingCategories
  • Users

There is no XML programming required. F2X Pro provides a full set of FileMaker external script functions.

The F2X Pro plugin is available for download from It comes with a 30-day trial license, sample files and instructions. A full license is available for an annual subscription of US$150.00

Need help?
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