In the past five years, the ‘cloud’ has revolutionised our business. We provide cloud-hosting for over half our new projects and do virtually all development and support remotely (which is a real blessing in Auckland!).

But the ‘cloud’ is not without it’s quirks and the main one is performance. Since there are so many more points between a cloud server and your desktop, the potential for performance failure is higher.

Naturally enough, when performance is too slow, the first inclination is to hassle the cloud host (us). But this is not necessarily right and in fact most of the time when we get a complaint, we look at the server logs and have to report that nothing is wrong at our end.

We were caught out ourselves recently, when our office broadband suddenly ground to a virtual halt. We hassled our ISP, they checked our modem remotely (, they are very good to deal with), and gave us the “nothing is wrong at our end” story. So we rebooted an internal router and the problem magically went away…

Lesson: If the internet or a cloud service seems slow, log off everything and reboot your modem/router before logging a service call.