FileMaker Hosting is the way you can have your cake and eat it too!

All the goodness of a FileMaker custom solution tailored to your business with the anytime, anywhere access of a ‘Cloud’ solution. Hosting is competitive with the cost of running your own dedicated FileMaker Server and removes the headaches.

We offer two primary options; Virtual Private Servers and Virtual Dedicated Servers.

Virtual Private Servers

These servers are the cost-effective option and are modestly specified to suit low usage. Performance upgrades are available.

Tier 1 Virtual Private Server (VPS) (≤ 5 FileMaker Pro users)      $140.00 per month OR

Tier 2 Virtual Private Server (VPS) (5-10 FileMaker Pro users)     $225.00 per month

Additional Costs

Off-Site incremental backups            $11.00 per 10GB per month

Server Management                   $100.00 per month

SSL Certificate at cost (USD 105.00) $162.00 per year

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Virtual Dedicated Servers are ideal for clients who have either;

  • A large solution that requires its own server(s)
  • A large number of users that require access to the solution
  • More sensitive privacy and security requirements

We can tailor a solution to meet your needs using dedicated servers, dedicated virtual private servers or even co-loaded servers. Dedicated virtual private servers are a secure, flexible and reliable option that is fast gaining popularity. Solutions start from less than $350 per month + GST.

Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion.


  • How many files can I host?
    Up to 125 per FileMaker Server
  • How much data can I load?
    The Tier 1 machines currently come with 60GB gross space allocation (Tier 2: 100GB); allowing for the FileMaker Server, your available space will be a little less than that. This includes FileMaker files and externally stored files.
  • What about bandwidth?
    The Tier 1 machines come with unlimited national and 100GB International bandwidth per month (Tier 2: 140GB). Extra use surcharges apply at current rates.
  • How many users can I host?
    This is a performance issue and heavily related to the design of your FileMaker solution. We are recommending up to 5 FileMaker Pro/Go users for the Tier 1 machines and 10 FileMaker Pro/Go users for the Tier 2 machines. There is a paid upgrade path to more powerful servers if required.
  • What about WebDirect?
    WebDirect place additional loads on the servers. We recommend that you be prepared to consider a more significant hosting investment.
  • What about FileMaker licenses?
    You will need to own your own FileMaker Pro licenses. In addition you will need a FileMaker Server license and sufficient concurrent licenses to run your FileMaker Go and WebDirect clients.
  • Can I have admin access to the server?
    Yes, conditions apply.
  • What are the commercial terms for the servers?
    The servers are rented on a 12 month fixed term contract.  Hosting is payable monthly, billed in advance.
  • What OS do the servers run?
    All the servers are currently Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Do you offer Mac OS X servers?
    Not by default, but if you really need one please contact us.