2.011 07/04/2016

Bug Fixes:

  • New function CF2X_AddPaymentTerms:
    “PaymentTerms” have changed from a single field entry on Contacts to a separate entity.
  • CF2X_AddPaymentTerms ( billsDay; billsType; salesDay; salesType )
  • Fixed LastName on ContactPersons Endpoint: Was incorrectly entering FirstName data into Xero
  • Fixed AddPhone fields: Not all fields were setting correctly into Xero.

2.010 (29 Mar 2016)

Bug Fixes:

  • “Name” field access added to “Items” endpoint.
  • Fixed Preferences Settings not saving correctly on Mac if older version of plugin was once used on machine.
  • Fixed GetFieldByIndex and GetFieldByID adding both a carriage return and line feed on Windows. This caused inconsistent results when using FileMaker’s ValueCount() function on the results.
  • Fixed SetWhereHeader on Windows

2.0 (9 Mar 2016)

New Payroll Specific End Points and Functions Added

  • Employees
  • LeaveApplications
  • PayItems
  • PayrollCalendars
  • Payruns
  • PaySchedules
  • PayStubs
  • Settings
  • SuperFunds
  • SuperFundProducts
  • Timesheets
  • WorkLocations

Added Functionality for New End Points:

  • Purchase Order
  • Prepayments
  • Overpayments

Function Changes to Main End Points

  • AddContact function has been updated to additionally take ContactNumber as an optional parameter.

    Previously, Xero required all Contacts to have unique names, but this is no longer the case. Contacts can now be added via a ContactNumber instead.

    ContactNumber is a field that can only be set via the API, and is not visible on the Xero website at all.

    This makes this field ideal to use for synchronising Contacts between Xero and FileMaker.
  • AddLinkedTransaction function added
  • As part of the changes to Payments in Xero, a few new fields have been added for Payments: Type & Status
  • AddPurchaseOrder function added. PurchaseOrders require Contacts to use the new ContactNumber field to be used.

Architecture Support Added

F2X now comes in four versions to support different OS requirements.

  • Mac 32bit
  • Mac 64bit
  • Windows 32bit
  • Windows 64bit

Make sure to use the appropriate version of the plugin for your machine and FileMaker version.

Certificate Generation

  • Updated to meet new Xero requirements for SHA2 certifications.

Documentation and Example File Changes

  • Documentation for the plugin has been updated and now provided as a webpage. You can always find the latest documentation for Connect F2X at [link]
  • A brand new example file has been created for Connect F2X 2.0. It features an easy to use wizard to help users setup their Xero connects, and much simplified example scripts.

1.010 (08/10/2014)

Added a new function to set the Identifer header
• CF2X_SetIdentiferHeader ( identifer )
• This header must be set (using the credit note Xero ID) before calling UploadToXero in order to allocate a credit note

Updated the AddCreditNote function to include 3 optional parameters in order to allocate a credit note
• InvoiceID – the Xero ID of the Invoice to allocate the credit note to
• AppliedAmount – the amount of the credit to be applied to the Invoice
• Date – the date of the allocation

1.009 (19/09/2014)

Invoice and Contact paging – this is one of the biggest updates:
• GetFieldByID / GetFieldByIndex ( endPoint {; identifer ; feldName ; page } )
• Paging returns only 100 results per page, but also contains all sub-objects
such as line items, payments and credit notes – this is a good way to get invoices in the future as each call to the function using paging will mean less work for the plug-in – hence it will work better on slower computers.
• Currently only supported for Contacts and Invoices end points.

Fixed an issue where ContactPersons would not allow ‘IncludeInEmails’ to be set.

Fixed an issue with all number felds that would sometimes produce strange results.

Added three new felds to Contacts:
• XeroNetworkKey – store XeroNetworkKey for Contacts
• SalesDefaultAccountCode – the default sales account code
• PurchasesDefaultAccountCode – the default purchases account code

Added a new feld to TrackingOptions:
• Status – the status of a tracking option

Added two new felds to Organisations:
• SalesTaxBasis – the accounting basis used for tax returns
• SalesTaxPeriod – the frequency with which tax returns are processed

Updated the UploadToXero function to allow TaxRates to use the POST request method by default.

Added a new feld to Users:
• EmailAddress – Email address of the user

Added two new felds to Invoices:
• ExpectedPaymentDate – shown on sales invoices
• PlannedPaymentDate – shown on bills when

Added a new feld to Payments:
• IsReconciled – boolean indicating whether to set the payment as reconciled – must use PUT request to reconcile a payment

Added two new felds to ExpenseClaims:
• PaymentDueDate – the date when the expense claim is due to be paid
• ReportingDate – The date the expense claim will be reported in Xero

Added a new feld to BankTransactions:
• IsReconciled – Boolean to show if the transaction is reconciled

1.008 (15/09/2014)

Fixed an issue where Contacts would not upload their associated ContactPersons.

Updated the AddContactPerson function to include 2 optional parameters
• EmailAddress – the Contact Persons email
• IncludeInEmails – boolean to include Contact Person in important emails

Updated the AddPhone function to include 3 optional parameters
• PhoneNumber – the phone number
• PhoneAreaCode – the phone numbers area code
• PhoneCountryCode – the phone numbers country code

1.007 (09/09/2014)

Fixed a small issue which returned an empty result when trying to retrieve the ‘IsSupplier’ and ‘IsCustomer’ felds for Contacts.

1.006 (03/09/2014)

Squashed a bug which prevented the last object to upload when uploading multiple objects.

1.005 (01/09/2014)

Squashed a bug which incorrectly formatted Unit Amounts on Line Items.

1.004 (01/08/2014)

Squashed a big bug which caused issues with Invoices and Line Items.

Removed update pop-up.

Added new function to check version of the plug-in:
• CheckForUpdate ( 1 )

1.003 (01/07/2014)

Added new function to retrieve the IDs of the objects recently uploaded to Xero:
• GetLastUploadIDs ( returnType )

1.0 (04/06/2014)

Version 1 of F2X Pro is released.