Now you may be thinking that calendars are not exactly an exciting innovation and you’d be right. However, in FileMaker, calendars are not particularly easy to do either. There are several variants of third-party solutions, we’ve worked with a few of them with mixed success. In particular, they tend to slooow dowwwn when hosted on […]


BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] is an acronym that has become very trendy since smartphones became commonplace. It has been a headache for central IT departments as it raises a lot of valid security concerns. Now they have something else to worry about… BYOA stands for Bring Your Own App and refers to the emerging […]

FileMaker Server 13 Hosting

Launching a new server is not something we take lightly, there is a considerable CapEx up front and the initial returns are not great. V13 also puts increased demands on the server so it is not something that can be skimped on. However, enquiries have been running at such a level that we just had […]

F2X Pro – FileMaker to Xero plugin launches

Foundation Data announces the immediate availability of the F2X Pro plugin for use with the Xero™, the ‘beautiful’ cloud accounting app. The F2X Pro plugin enables you to easily exchange data between a FileMaker Pro solution and a Xero account. Xero is taking the accounting world by storm and already has an extensive eco-system of […]


Our first FileMaker Pro 13 project is a showcase for all that’s really good about FileMaker; It uses our new template which has numerous improvements and provides a stable basis for a long service life. It will support field technicians using iPads out in the field with a WebDirect interface giving them secure, live access […]


OK, the use of “Enterprise” in relation to FileMaker isn’t our idea and it’s not even FileMaker’s, but it is how at least one journalist sees it and we think it has some merit. An enterprise development platform is normally taken to mean a loose infrastructure piecing together various technologies and skill sets into a […]

Cloud-based v Edge-based

In this article, the author defines ‘Edge-based’ as Apps running inside a mobile device and makes the following predictions; “As more power gets pushed to the edge, both users and developers will want to leverage that power. As more device types come into being, cross-platform, data-centric app design will become crucial. Peer-to-peer communication and client-side […]


This is the sort of thing that FileMaker Developers obsess over… Data entry for timesheets is painful in FileMaker. You either have to enter the time manually e.g. “8:15 a.m.” or we give you separate fields: “8”, “15”, “AM”. It’s tedious… But now, using the power of FileMaker Pro 13, Foundation’s R&D department has come […]

Annual Site License Agreements

This is something new with FileMaker Server 13. A normal Annual Volume License (AVLA) charges you per user machine, plus the FileMaker Server and plus concurrent licenses for FileMaker Go (mobile) and WebDirect connections. An Annual Site License (ASLA) charges you per employee (total head count) and for that you get unlimited Pro (client), Advanced […]